The vertical insect screen is ideal for windows, but can also be used to doors. The base of its function is the spring mechanism that quickly resets the fabric on its axis. It can optionally be also used as a brake that slows down the screen retraction. The brake, which is a pan-European invention of Detural since 2001, extends the good function of the screen and protects the users from potential injuries.
Without a bottom aluminum track, facilitating access and cleaning. Ideal for people with limitation on physical functioning and mobility.
Windbreak brush with hard bristles
Handle on the screen and on its outer side
Easy open with the foot, by pressing the handle (only when using the brake)
Enhanced axis for better function
Possibility to apply a brake on the screen (European patent)
6-meter bars with a fabric width of 1.6m or 2.4 m, accompanied by channels and accessories kit
Ready in exact dimensions