The unique design of Detural's Exclusive aluminum panels has become synonymous with years of experience, expertise, and modern technology. The Exclusive series combines simplicity with the prevalent modern aesthetic, thus bridging design and modern architecture. Detural's Exclusive aluminum panels meet high quality standards and are certified with the ISO 9001:2008 international quality assurance standard, as well as by the Rosenheim Institute. Our specialised personnel's personal care that goes into the production of these panels is combined with the fully automated process of design execution, which is carried out by the powerful CNC pantographs. The final stage in production involves our highly modernised Electrostatic Coating unit, ensuring an excellent and timeless end product. Thiral's Exclusive panels alongside the robust facades SCHÜCO ADS 75.SI and ADS 90.SI, as well as Elvial 88, constitute an integrated front door proposal, which meet the highest standards with regards to quality and thermal insulation and offer high design and certified quality in materials, appliances, and products. Furthermore, exclusive panels can be applied to any door system.