When it comes to armoured doors, a strong reinforcement should be top priority. Our philosophy consists of a special reinforcement structure, that is the main reinforcement of an armoured door and renders the main system externally inaccessible. MDF, Bond or 6mm polycarbonate sheets are extremely innovative additions that increase the functionality of the panel and, thus, facilitate its installation. The top-quality materials and a unique manufacturing and installation process offer customers great choices for outdoor security doors by providing both security and the best aesthetic result. With Thiral you can choose from a variety of 180+ designs, from the Exclusive, Pressing and Inox to Classic, and find the design that best suits your taste and the architectural needs of your place. Detural powder coating will put the final touch by providing all RAL colours or wood-effect techniques, and therefore enhancing the visual aspect of the product. Detural's certified manufacturing processes, along with its longstanding experience, modern equipment and the personal aesthetics of the company's people provide the final consumer a product of unique aesthetics and exceptional functionality with the highest standards of the market.